Sunday, January 24, 2010

Twilight Book Review

The book Twilight is the new teenage bestseller which is written by Stephanie Meyer and was first published in 2005. This book debuted as New York Times #5 within the month of its release and soon took the first place. What made this book such a success? This question intrigues so many people all over the world, but yet the mystery remains unsolved. Twilight is a story about a 17-year old girl, Bella Swan, who meets Edward Cullen, the love of her life. At first the plot seems really common and trite, completely identical to the million other “romance books” in the stores, however, what is different is that in the town of Forks, where Bella and Edward live, nothing is the way it appears to be. In the course of the book, the real identity of Edward is revealed- he is a vampire. The story is told in first person from Bella’s point of view and so the life and past of Edward and his family remain in secret even by the end of the book. On the other side, the connection between Bella and Edward is also a secret for Edward who realizes that he cannot apply his mind reading abilities on his beloved one. It seems as if two worlds are brought together in order to create a love of imaginable dimensions. This is why even though the target readers of the book are at the age of 15-25, Twilight remains a novel which crosses the age barriers and intrigues the souls of both children and adults. Even though the book is often claimed to have a simple style and plain storyline, the world that Stephanie Meyer draws with her pen is so vivid and real that often the reader sees and hears every picture and every sound. The fast pace at which the action happens as well as the new perspective of supernatural powers brought into the mundane life of a normal girl, makes Twilight very entertaining and easy to read. On the other hand, the romance between Bella and Edward is intriguing and passionate, but also shows morality. Although the feelings between the two main characters are strong and compelling, there is no sex. It seems like their love is brought to a whole new level which teaches the audience the importance of the spiritual relationship over the physical one. This concept would surely appeal to almost every girl and women of all age, and will make them eager to read the sequel of this modern version of forbidden love.

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