Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Coffee or No Coffee at ACS

Every day people meander lavishly in a search of truth, of some general truth about today’s life and often they don’t realize how simple it is. The truth about life is not complicated, not obscure in any way, but plain and obvious: Our world runs on coffee and gasoline. Suddenly, a question arises: What if one of these two essential components is missing? You would say, “Deal with it, don’t be co-dependent”…Maybe this is true for the first day, the second day and the third day you don’t have coffee or gasoline, but then on the forth day there’s the drama, followed by a quiet protest, which is followed by the Armageddon! You, don’t believe it?! Then ask the students at the American College of Sofia who are currently forbidden to access any drinks containing caffeine just because someone decided that coffee is unhealthy and addictive. Is coffee unhealthy? If this was the case, why would 112 million people in the U.S. alone drink coffee everyday? No one has heard of 112 million people getting sick or dying because they drink coffee…Then why would some random people in the random small country of Bulgaria suddenly decide that coffee is so bad that they should banish people from drinking it?
The key word is that “someone decided” that coffee is not good for the students, but actually this is a rather erroneous conclusion. A recent article titled Coffee: The New Healthy Food? from the magazine WebMD shows that indeed “plenty of benefits are brewing in America’s beloved beverage”. It is also mentioned that coffee lowers the risk of diabetes, Parkonson’s disease, and colon cancer as well as treats headaches. Furthermore, according to the 1958 Food and Drug Administration’s list coffee is recognized as a safe drink. Interestingly enough, from the information given it can be inferred that coffee is neither a poison nor a drug. Coffee is just a delightful way to start another morning and meet some people: as an anonymous member of the class of 2010 at ACS likes to say, “A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.” Sadly, even though coffee is a beloved beverage which is good and healthy, the banish still remains and the cups of the students are only filled with milk or just hot water. The world in which the ACS students live does not run on coffee anymore.
At least there is still some gasoline left…

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